Capt. Peter Sarandinaki named Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad for the Committee on the Romanov Remains

The Search Foundation is pleased to announce that the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral), has named Capt. Peter Sarandinaki as their Official Representative with the following statement:

"We hereby certify that Peter A. Sarandinaki (Citizen of the U.S.A.) is named the Official Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on the search and study of the remains of the royal family.

Signed (in his own hand) HILARION”

Capt. Peter Sarandinaki comments on New York Times piece on Romanovs.

"I am glad that we did the DNA testing in 2008 using Western DNA laboratories as well as Russian ones. Their conclusions cannot be disproved. Truth is truth and no matter what the doubters say Truth always prevails. There is no doubt that the remains found are those of Tsar Nicholas II, his immediate family and servants. 
I will continue searching for the remains of Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich and his secretary Brian Johnson." -- Capt. Peter Sarandinaki

Read the New York Times Article Here

Capt. Peter Sarandinaki and Dr. Michael D. Coble to Speak on the Romanov Searches and DNA

Sunday, February 14, 2016.  Capt. Peter Sarandinaki (USN Ret.) and Dr. Michael D. Coble (USA DNA Lab.) will present their findings on the search for the Romanov remains and the identification of the remains of the children of the last Emperor, Nicholas II the Tsesarevich and Grand Duke Alexis Nikolaevich, and his sister the Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna.

The presentation in English will take place after the celebration of the Divine Liturgy at:

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (ROCOR)

4001 17th St. Northwest, Washington, D.C., 20011

Call (202) 726-3000 for more information