Dr. Alexander Avdonin and the Obretenye Foundation as well as Dr. Sergey Nikitin and Captain Peter Sarandinaki, Director of the SEARCH Foundation, conducted the First Search of the Four Brother's Mine Area.


The remains of the Russian Imperial Family and their retainers were interred in the Romanov Family crypt in the St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral in July 1998, with dignity and much ceremony, on the 80th anniversary of their execution. In attendance were Romanov Family members, Boris Yeltsin and many other Russian and world dignitaries.  Patriarch Alexis II, of the Russian Orthodox did not participate, as the Moscow Patriarchate refused to recognize the remains as those of the Romanovs, citing "doubts" as to their identification.


The Search continued at the Four Brothers Mine Area. Drs. Alexander Avdonin, Sergey Nikitin and Tatiana Panova (archeologist for the Kremlin) as well as Peter Sarandinaki, SEARCH FDN.conduct the Second Search for the remains of Tsarevich  Alexis and his sister, the Grand Duchess Maria.