2007 - 2008

SEARCH Foundation's director, Capt. Peter Sarandinaki, was tasked by the Russian Most Senior Investigator of the Romanov case, Colonel Vladimir Soloviev, to coordinate the DNA validation process for newly-discovered remains. 

DNA testing was done on a blood sample from Tsar Nicholas II, taken from the shirt that he wore when he was wounded in 1891 in Japan.

The remains found in both graves were tested for hemophelia. In the first grave it was found that Alexandra and Anastasia were carriers of the Christmas disease and just 70 meters away, in the 2nd grave, it was found that the Tsarevich Alexey had the very same disease.

On December 5, 2008  the Final DNA results were announced to the world. Unfortunately, on that very same day, Patriarch Alexis II passed away. The Moscow Patriarchate does not accept our DNA findings to this day citing doubts and that not all questions have been answered. I decided then, to start searching for the remains of Tsar Nicholas IIs younger brother, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov and his secretary, Brian Johnson in Perm, Russia. Both were taken out to the forest and killed by the Bolsheviks. Their remains have not been found.

SEARCH Foundation, Inc. Captain Peter Sarandinaki conducted forensic search expeditions to Perm, Russia in 2009, 2012, 2013-2016. The search team consistsof members on NecroSearch, International-  forensic geophysicist - Clark Davenport, criminal expert - Brook Schaub, forensic botanist- Crystal Strouse and author Steven Jackson; SearchDogUK- Mick Swindells and forensic archaeologist, Dr. John Hunter. We plan to continue the search in the summer of 2017.

Captain Peter Sarandinaki.

President, SEARCH Foundation, Inc.